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About Us

Our solution is an end-to-end digital content delivery platform. We protect critical intellectual property and confidential digital document management to reduce risk, reduce costs, and increase revenue. We analyze, aggregate, and manage content critical to your business – and keep it secure. Advance your intellectual property responsibly, cohesively, and effectively.

Our Services

eServe is an independent marketing services firm dedicated to helping businesses build stronger content distribution programs –and grow revenue – through impactful creative, content distribution and marketing programs.

Corporate Training

Corporate training materials cover everything from how to use a product and how to achieve certifications, to policies and procedures for employee standards. This vitally important information is shared online, in documents, on DVDs and on CDs.

Digital Document Management

eServe's cloud-based content control opens up opportunities for publishers in all industries resulting in a publishing revolution thus keeping your proprietary data and intellectual property safe.

encryption & distribution

eServe secure document and rich media sharing app enables companies to reduce the risk of data exposures and eliminate revenue loss associated with unauthorized access to sensitive and valuable corporate information.

Digital Media Replication

The basic need to keep information as secure as possible, hi tech enterprises also need to create and distribute information in a number of different ways – including data rich DVDs.


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