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Never Settle for Less When it Comes to Your LMS

With professional development an increasing priority among employees, companies need to make every effort to provide quality training. Investing in a learning management system (LMS) is an effective way to do so. In brief, an LMS is a software solution for the online delivery of educational courses, corporate training programs […]

Cloud Services Essential

Why are Cloud Services Essential for Your Business?

As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have temporarily or permanently suspended operations at their physical location and transitioned to working remotely. While remote work has been a growing trend over the past several years, necessity has made the transition sudden and widespread. Now more than ever, ensuring […]

a women participating in an online class

What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?

Online learning is suddenly gaining prominence. Due to the unprecedented impact that COVID-19 is having on our world, public school systems, colleges and universities throughout the United States have quickly transitioned from on-campus attendance to virtual online learning. In the corporate world, companies that had not previously invested in online […]

knowledge management

What Are The Benefits Of Knowledge Management?

Effective communication is vital for the success of every organization, regardless of the size of your business. The larger your organization, the more crucial it is to ensure that the right information percolates down to the right people. If the communication flow is not spot-on in your organization, many problems […]

IT Security

5 Reasons You Need IT Security Compliance

With data breaches becoming increasingly routine, it is imperative for organizations, both large and small, to maintain the security and privacy of their customers.  No wonder then that IT security is a growing area of concern for businesses and the IT companies that support these organizations. For these reasons, businesses […]

Cloud Security

What Are Some Challenges to Cloud Security?

While there has been extraordinary growth in the cloud vertical in the last few decades, one area that concerns many who want to move their business operations to the cloud is cloud security. With data breaches increasing by the day, businesses need to pay close attention to data security. After […]

7 Benefits Of Synchronous Training

7 Benefits of Synchronous Training

E-learning – also known as online learning – has changed the learning and development (L&D) landscape in the corporate sector. Many corporations are transitioning their L&D programs to online delivery. E-learning utilizes electronic technologies to deliver educational course content outside of a traditional classroom, using different methods. Broadly, there are […]

If you want to do business the right way, you need to adhere to the laws and regulations that are in place. Failing to comply can not only tarnish your reputation, but it can also lead to the imposition of hefty fines and penalties. But how do you ensure your employees comply with the rules and regulations of your organization? That is where compliance training comes into the picture. Businesses need to take compliance training seriously because it addresses important issues like violations and legal liability. So, how can you make your compliance training effective? Here are some tips that can help you create effective online compliance training solutions for your employees. Making your compliance training more effective can involve using different learning methods. But there are three areas you need to focus on – knowing your audience, keeping your learners engaged and providing compliance incentives for learning. Knowing your audience It is extremely crucial to understand your audience. If you don’t know your audience, you cannot design and develop effective compliance training programs. You need to know whether your e-learning methods and tools are of any use to them. Try to learn as much as you can about your employees – their educational backgrounds, experience and levels of knowledge. You can conduct surveys, interviews and create focus groups to gather information that may be helpful. You should also work closely with your learning and development experts to find out what has been covered in previous compliance training programs – as well as new ground that needs to be covered. Keep your learners engaged Compliance training can become tedious if you don’t do your best to make it easy and engaging. Here are ways that can help you make compliance training fun  and engaging for your employees. Make your compliance training emotional – You need to make your employees understand why compliance training is vital for them. For example, if you are in the healthcare industry, you need to make your employees understand how following proper procedures can prevent mistakes that result in a catastrophic or fatal outcome. Create content dealing with health and safety issues in real-life scenarios. Make your compliance training relevant – Be sure that your compliance training content relates to your learners’ role and day-to-day work responsibilities. If the training content is not directly related to their job profile, it can be demotivating for your employees. To make compliance training relevant, you can use a role filter so that your learners get to see the content that is relevant to them. You can also design content that includes real-life situations or case studies. Make your compliance training short – If your employees know their job, don’t force them into training. With the concept of microlearning catching up fast, you need to make sure that your training programs are short, crisp, and concise. You can use diagnostic tools to find out the knowledge gaps and work to correct them. It is important to train employees once and test them regularly. Those who fail the test should get the training again. Design content so that you know how your learners will react when they face a real-world issue. If they pass the test satisfactorily, they don’t need further training, but if they fail, you need to train them again. You can also design campaigns and internal communications to reinforce the message.  Training should be fun and engaging; you don’t have to make it boring. It means you should not cram all the training content in one single module of training. If you want to make your training engaging, you need to space the content over time. Make your compliance training challenging – It is important to make your assessments and quizzes more meaningful so that it can test your learners on all aspects. Book-knowledge alone will not serve the purpose. You need to ensure that you test your employees in real-world and practical scenarios so that they can apply what they have learned. Make your training compliance-motivational – If you want to motivate your employees, you need to give them autonomy. If you order your employees to do something, it can demotivate them. But if you involve yourself in their learning activities, it can produce better engagement and results. Make sure you endorse what you ask them to do – If your employees realize that senior management is firmly behind compliance training, it will not just motivate them to learn, but it can also help them talk about the training. If you provide a culture of compliance training within your organization, it can solve most of your problems. Provide compelling incentives for learning Another way to make compliance training easy and engaging is to provide compelling incentives for learning. In high-consequence industries, such as healthcare, transportation and manufacturing, it is important to have structured compliance training. If you have incentives and rewards for successful course completion, you can substantially increase your employee’s interest and involvement. In order to incentivize employees to do their best in training and development programs, you need to reward them adequately for their effort and progress. When you reward employees for personal progress, it shows that you have recognized their hard work, which can be extremely motivating for them. Many businesses use a learning management system (LMS) to keep their employees current on compliance rules and regulations, as well as to track their progress. An LMS can give you the data of those who have completed the training successfully so that you can reward them. But when you want to add richer content or other elements to your e-learning portfolio, you need something more than an LMS. Businesses have to invest heavily in content development to keep up with the pace of industry updates or new regulations. To meet all your content requirements, you need a learning content management system (LCMS), which is designed to complement your existing LMS – assuming your organization has an LMS. If your company does not yet utilize an LMS, or is getting less-than-satisfactory performance from its current solution, eServe has everything expected of a next-generation LMS. It is a cloud-based solution that helps managers, HR professionals and instructional designers create and redistribute their content over multiple outlets and formats. eServe is also an LCMS designed to complement your existing LMS – which empowers your corporate trainers to share, merge and upgrade your present courses to meet local or regional needs. You don’t have to worry about the security of your data because eServe offers LMS encryption. Offering affordable solutions, eServe is a comprehensive tool that eliminates the redundancies that can occur when organizations are forced to develop multiple versions of the same content. It allows you to author, unite, deliver, and analyze content conveniently. Contact us to learn more about how eServe can meet your organization’s needs.    

How to Make Compliance Training More Effective

If you want to do business the right way, you need to adhere to the laws and regulations that are in place. Failing to comply can not only tarnish your reputation, but it can also lead to the imposition of hefty fines and penalties. But how do you ensure your […]

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The Elements That Make Up a Successful LMS

Technological innovations have improved the functioning of many verticals. One sector that has significantly benefited is the learning and development industry. With e-learning in place, you can now provide training or educational courses at your convenience in a much more organized way. Add the power of a learning management system […]

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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Cloud Storage Is Safe

Cloud storage has taken the business world by storm. And why not? After all, cloud storage offers many benefits to businesses, both large and small. Cloud storage is affordable, easy to access, and offers disaster recovery, automation, scalability, collaboration, as well as security. But one thing that has attracted a […]