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Back to School Security

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Content Security in School Systems

The school year is just beginning as Back to School becomes the name of the game for the American economy. New supplies, new clothes and new attitudes are making their way back into classrooms. Educators and administrators have the data and records for every student so they can know what they are in for each semester.

Just as every file is filled to the brim with the ups and down of academic careers, they are more importantly filled with the personal information on each of the students. That personal information is private and illegal to share without expressed permissions.

School System Security

School systems contract in the proper amount of security for thousands of files and hopefully ensure the best content security there is. However, there have been instances where the systems were hacked and files held for ransom. You would think people would leave the children alone but alas, many hackers through humanity out the door and caution to the wind.

Millions of dollars go to the safety and security measures set in place to remain within compliance regulations and confidential information guidelines. Data protection is of the utmost importance in all school security setups, from each district down to each individual school.

Administrators & Educators

Deep in the trenches of day to day school & university life, personal files aren’t the only set confidential data. Prepared exams, tests, quizzes and other preset curriculum files are kept and updated by educators on a daily basis. Login credentials and external storage drives can become quite dangerous when they are in the wrong hands.

Encryption and iron clad safety measures should be used at every step of the way to ensure there is no foul play if files or access codes end up unattended. Ethics & moral codes can turn cloudy when faced with peer pressure or academic standing “good graces”.

So professors, teachers & administrators take heed! Invest in the content security and data protection you need to keep your classrooms fair for every student. Happy New School year!

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