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Cloud Based Encryption: How It Works & Why We Need It

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The encryption debate is heating up. It’s obvious we need more security. But what’s not obvious to everyone is what the debate is really about.

No matter what Forbes tells you, the debate is NOT about privacy vs. security.

It’s about whether to choose less security or choose more security in an increasingly unsecure data age. Forget firewalls – we need data encryption! And our encryption must be strong, airtight,c and integrated with every part of our internal and external operations.

Think for a minute about the people you have handing the tech in your organization.

cloud based encryptionFirst, there is a desk support guy. Then, there’s the IT guy, the Infosec guy, the network guy, the administrator guy, and the list goes on. Worse still, each of these folk usually uses different software (to both do their job and to track different ‘issues’ as they arise). They all use their own laptops, of course, connecting with unique devices to the same VPN.

It is a seemingly innocuous circle of access that ironically often creates the only problem it was designed to solve. We sacrifice our security for the mere effort to “feel” more secure.

Meanwhile, we assume a massive financial loss in terms of people, costs and time.

This is certainly not a model that was designed to last. Companies don’t like it. But they feel stuck with it. So, they seek out the best IT security providers with the lowest margins. Then, they cross their fingers and hope for the best.

No one ever wants to admit that their security protocol is bad. And certainly no company wants to think it’s worse than the “other guys” down the street. Let me break it to you. If you have to think about it, it probably is.

No company’s security protocol is perfect, but rest assured that if any part of the scenario above sounded familiar, there is a better way.

Why Cloud Based Encryption?

cloud based encryptionForget about Johnny “Firewall” or the desk support guy at InfoSec. Encryption enhances the security of every message or file you send by scrambling the content. To encrypt a message, you need the right key, and you need that same key to de-crypt it as well. It is by far, the MOST effective way to protect your communication via encoded information, where the sender and the recipient hold the key to decipher data.

Encryption is a lot of a child who comes up with a secret code word or imaginary language to communicate with his friends.

But instead of sending a secret message to Jenny down the block, you’re sending secret messages between people within your own organization (approved eyes, of course). And in this case, the secret code is a lot, lot more complex.

If someone tries to pry but lacks the proper keys, all they will see is gibberish.

Without encryption, you are leaving your intellectual property exposed, behind flimsy firewalls and behind weak security protocol. The minute someone breaks through, your data is exposed – ready for all the world to see.

Bottom Line?

If you’re not automating your processes in a way that makes you more secure without a Jonny, Tommy or Timmy coming to move some cords or add some wires, you have a serious encryption deficiency on your hands.

While ignorance might be bliss, data theft sure isn’t. Give eServe a call to learn more about our data encryption services, LMS education tools that come complete with encryption or our pre-encrypted content delivery platform.

Thanks for reading!

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