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Why Is Content Security Of Paramount Importance?

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We all are too aware of the security breaches that take place in our industry. When confidential files, important documents, or valuable content is either stolen and / or lost. In both these cases the repercussions are far reaching, damaging and at times irreparable, ranging from heavy financial losses, to major losses in the reputation and credibility side of things.

Why Do we Secure Digital Content?

In today’s technology dependent world, organizations rely on computers and internet for almost everything, from creating to storing all the vital company information like data, policies, corporate training materials, client information, employee details and so on. Almost without giving it a second thought and very often as our job entails, we share this crucial information online with people inside and outside the organization, in the form of documents, presentation and CDs, to meet our deadlines and/ or achieve our targets. But, there is a flip side to this revolution, with the increased activities of hackers, criminals and terrorists looming large on each one of us, the risk of critical data theft has increased manifold and the sensitive company information being misused for fraudulent gains has become a reality.

Organizations, irrespective of size and area of interest, heavily depend on crucial business information for growth, success and development. Losing sensitive information can seriously jeopardize operation, production, planning and strategy of a company thereby causing loss of revenue and retarding its growth. It is therefore imperative for the companies to understand how critical data should be protected.

Encryption Methods and Content Security Types

The meaning of encryption in simple English is “to put a message into a code or to put computer data into a coded form.” Digital data encryption has been used in communication since times immemorial and even today it is one of the most effective means for data security, successfully securing company data to increase efficiency and revenue.

All the company data which is stored on the hard disc or shared through internet or different networks is encrypted to safeguard the confidentiality of digital data thus providing content security. Apart from the confidentiality, encryption plays a vital role to:

  • Protect entire data.
  • Allow to work on multiple devices in a secure environment.
  • Share and communicate without compromising data security.
  • Protect data from being altered.
  • Protect unauthorized access.

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With competition growing thick and fast and data theft becoming an everyday occurrence, it will only prove beneficial for the organizations to seriously consider implementing content security measures to increase revenue. Contact eServe today for securing your companies sensitive corporate training material through its encryption technology and increase your revenue. eServe, with its encrypted content security, makes sure that only the intended recipients are able to interact and view the content. You can also keep all your corporate training material like videos, audios, presentations and documents secure with eServe.

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