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Your 21st Century Course Management System

course management system

Simplify the teaching and learning process

With a course management system that complements your existing LMS

Building online training content from scratch is no easy task. It requires time, money and a lot of manpower that might be better utilized elsewhere.

That’s exactly why we designed eServe, a course management system designed to complement your existing LMS and allow your corporate training leaders to customize each course to their unique needs.

eServe is a course management system, or Learning Content Management System (LCMS), that allows your team to align their training standards seamlessly, while also customizing the style of instruction to each location.

In today’s global economy, maintaining consistent standards across all of your business locations can be a challenge. However, it is also essential to your success.

The eServe Difference

What sets eServe apart is its ability to integrate a full suite of multimedia files into one live cloud document that can be easily accessed from literally anywhere on earth. Want to merge videos with a PowerPoint or Pdf to bring an old course up to date? eServe has you covered. Want to create regional versions of the same course without reinventing the wheel? eServe has you covered. 

eServe empowers training teams with:

  • Multimedia Content Creation Power
    Create content that is compatible with a range of outputs (PDF, e-learning, instructor led and mobile) and import content from other authoring tools.
  • Access to Real-Time Analytics
    Gain immediate insight on how, when and where your content is being consumed.
  • Integration with your Current LMS
    Add more flexibility and control to your learning management process by merging audio and video files within eServe and then directly into your LMS, via the cloud.
  • Reliable Data Security
    Protect your proprietary content and corporate training materials – whether for partners, employees or customers – through eServe’s proven and reliable encryption technology.

eServe is a comprehensive tool that eliminates the redundancies that occur when teams have to develop multiple versions of the same content – using unsophisticated authoring tools. Give us a call today to see if eServe is right for you!