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Reliable Data Encryption Solutions for the Cloud

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data encryption

Protect Your Proprietary Data Against All Outside Threats!

Corporate training materials are often a company’s ‘secret sauce’ and must be safeguarded to maintain the integrity and sustainability of that organization.

As your content moves within your business, outside of it, and across time zones, it becomes susceptible to threats. Whether from international piracy or accidental employee negligence – your content is at risk.

You’ve worked hard for your corporate training materials. You need a data encryption company that works hard to protect them from prying eyes and stealing hands.

eServe offers reliable data encryption solutions for businesses of all sizes, types and geographic locations. From our physical data center to the cloud, eServe helps organizations remain protected and in control.

In order to guard against advanced threats in today’s evolving climate of virtualization and cloud computing, organizations large and small must take a data-centric approach to protecting their sensitive information.

data encryption Keep all of your corporate training materials secure with eServe including:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • DVDs/USBs
  • Other rich media

eServe enables your employees, partners and customers to interact with your content on their smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and other applications – with no installation required on their part.

Best of all, eServe provides actionable analytics to help you understand their content usage and provide insight for future content development.