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How To Get Over The Challenges Of BYOD

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How To Get Over The Challenges Of BYOD


Information technology departments world over are busy formulating strategies to cope with the onslaught of personal smart devices at work place. Though, given a thumbs up by the corporates, securing vital information of your organization is by far the biggest challenge that begs a near perfect solution.

The concept of BYOD, bring your own device, is fast catching up with organizations these days. And, as they try to strike a balance between productivity and employee satisfaction, content security assumes even greater significance. According to Gartner, 50% of organization will need employees to give their smart devices for their jobs by the year 2017.

What is BYOD?

Bring your own device or BYOD, as the name suggests is a phenomenon where employees are allowed to bring their personal devices into the organization and use it for official purposes. Part of the growing IT consumerization trend, smartphones, tablets, USB drives and laptops are some of the devices commonly used by the employees.

Benefits of BYOD

With proper security solution in place, BYOD is a win-win situation for both the organizations as well as the employees. But, if critical information of your company is not protected adequately, it can cause major revenue losses due to data exposure.

  • Boosts productivity- BYOD shuns 9-5 work culture. It allows employees to work from any place and at any time, making it convenient for them to finish their work efficiently and in time.
  • Cost savings- Companies’ hardware and software cost reduces substantially as they no longer have to invest in purchasing devices for their employees.
  • Employee satisfaction- The choice of the device solely rests with the employees. They use what they are comfortable with, which improves their efficiency and reduce the training costs.

Why a security solution?

Hence, what is it that is stopping the organizations from adopting BYOD at their workplace? Content security is what deters companies from going whole hog with BYOD. According to a study, almost 71% of the IT managers surveyed said that organizations are at a greater risk due to crucial documents being accessed through devices like smartphone and tablets.

Standard encryption cannot provide ample security to your data from theft or when you lose a device. Also, content security is equally compromised when unsafe personal devices are used for business purposes.

This calls for a comprehensive content security solution which protects your organization’s crucial information and allows you to enjoy the benefit of BYOD. Start using eServe’s document centric Cloud based content security app to secure all your content and enjoy all benefits of BYOD.

eServe’s content security app allows automatic encryption of your documents and other rich media files. Since the files stay in the Cloud and not on the person’s device, it makes sense to encourage BYOD for your organization. It also helps you secure the following: