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Global Content Security Matters

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Global Content Security Really IS a Big Deal


How safe do you feel? With the tensions the world is currently facing, from injustices to corruption, your security has become a frontrunner in your conversations. In an age where we are more connected on a global scale, every digital move we make enables the potential unveiling of secure information.

Words like coding and encryption have become the keys that allow or block outsiders from locked away data. The need for companies like eServe LLC has arisen to provide global content security to business owners looking to protect their organizations in a number of ways.

What is protected?

  1. Competitive Advantage – Not everything a private business does to stay relevant to their target market is public record; nor should it be. Your business strategy is just that; YOURS! Content Management providers ensure that the internal operations of a company are not privy to competitors looking to copy and capitalize off of.
  1. Document Privacy – Documentation purchased or originated by your company should have specific permissions that you control. Their safe travel and use can be 100% monitored so that their proper application is adhered to both internally and externally.The content in many of a business’ documents provides intel that is confidential and should stay that way.
  1. Intellectual Property – Anything that has originated from your organization and used to further successful operation is owned by and for your organization, solely. Things like these and more:
  • Coding
  • Designs
  • Ideas & Mapped out Visions
  • Works
  • Inventions
  1. Materials & Research – The hard work you and your team have done gathering and analyzing pertinent information should remain within your organization.Unless you are publishing or freeing up licensing to the research, and the materials used, the information remains in your possession but easy to take unless you place it behind lock and key.Anti-Piracy laws work in your favor as helpful guidelines protecting you should someone use your content and intellectual property. However, that does not mean you should make it easy for them to take. eServe LLC will secure your information and digital materials on a global level at an affordable price.

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