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Graduates and Their Intellectual Property Rights

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When you need to protect your business from the hackers, competitors and freeloaders out there, you need to know what you’re actually protecting. Many don’t know what even lawfully belongs to them to protect. No matter who, or from what geographic location, is trying to steal what is rightfully yours, there are professional guidelines and laws to the art of staking claim.

Any entity, tangible or not, that stems from the human mind is the legal property of that individual. The same applies to any entity stemming from the minds of representatives for a business or corporation.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Intellectual Property (IP) is:


“Creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce”


It’s the Law!

IP laws exist to allow the creatives of the world an opportunity to do what they do best without the fear of their creation being used for any purposes other than those they allow. Keep your business’ portfolio safe from fraudulent activity. The best way to legally protect your IP is to determine which asset rights category it falls under and apply for the shade of their protective umbrella:

  • Trademarks – Assets that contribute to a business’ brand identity
  • Patents- Any invention available for public use
  • Copyrights – Literary, Graphic & Art Works
  • Trade Secrets – Any IP secrets a business uses to gain market positioning


On paper, the laws uphold the integrity needed to sustain control. However, many are firm believers that “rules were made to be broken” and try to get away with stealing Intellectual Property through loopholes and hidden agendas.




This graduation season, as fresh minds enter labor force once again, be sure that your Intellectual Property protection solution is capable of reliable content management. 2016 graduates are come prepared as talented and well-versed in their rights thanks to their already extensive digital knowledgebase.

Not only do they know their rights to the security and integrity expected of an employee/employer relationship, but they also come prepared to show off their creative & innovative ideas. The IP protection a business has in place, thanks to brand solutions companies like eServe, allows employees to feel their ideas, inventions and creations are in good hands and safe from fraudulent mishaps.

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