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Top LCMS for E-Learning

lcms for e-learning

Make Your Training Content & Your Training Dollars Go Further

With an LCMS for E-Learning

As a leader in corporate training, you know that the content you use within your LMS is just as important as the LMS itself.

The LMS has become a cornerstone in the corporate training and development sphere. However, many organizations looking to add richer content or different elements to their e-learning portfolio find their LMS ill-equipped.

So, they invest heavily in content development, often recruiting new staff members or course development companies to meet this task. When industry updates or new regulations arise, they have to repeat the process all over again – unable to adapt their content quickly and easily within their LMS.

This is exactly why we developed eServe. eServe is an LCMS, or Learning Content Management System, designed to complement your existing LMS.

While an LMS is platform for managing people, an LCMS for e-learning is designed to manage content creation. It puts the power of content back in your hands.

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eServe empowers you and your team to:

  • Create:  Develop interactive content for a range of contexts and formats, including: instructor-led, mobile and Pdf.
  • Integrate:  Merge audio, video and text files into a single document to deliver multimedia presentations anywhere, anytime through the cloud.
  • Measure:  With eServe, you can analyze the impact of your content with real-time data that shows you exactly when, where and how your content is being used by staff and partners.
  • Propel:  Take your learning delivery process to the next level by integrating content creation with your current LMS, giving you the power to create better content, faster and with greater ease.

Whether you are a global enterprise adapting your training materials to meet the needs of various geographic locations, or a smaller company building your corporate training arsenal, eServe is an LCMS for e-learning that will help you meet those goals.