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Need Security? Use Data Encryption Mobile Apps Like Signal

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Secure Digital Encryption Apps

Secure messaging apps have become necessary, and grown in popularity, as consumers and businesses look to protect themselves and their business from hackers and phishing attempts. As content moves within your business, outside of it, and across time zones, it becomes susceptible to threats. At the moment, no one knows this better than Equifax. To fight this, we use tools like firewalls and data encryption. For his blog we talked with a few professionals in the industry and got their take on some of the best apps and encryption algorithms for protecting your data as you travel around connected to different networks.

Looking for the BEST Encryption Software?

“The best is GPG. There are a good number of programs built off of GPG, but there has never been a better one and there never will be. It’s mature, it adapts to any exploits found in the wild, and it’s the standard for any top-secret or government project. It supports every known cipher and it cannot be cracked. It is available for most platforms, but is native to the Linux family of OSes. It can act as an email plugin, it can tie into most every chat program, and it has been around for more than 2 decades.

What makes it the best is that it expects the user to learn how to leverage it. All other encryption software fails on this point and offers mechanisms to make it easier for the end-user. Those mechanisms are, inevitably, what compromises the security. “- Todd Millecam, CEO, SWYM Systems, Inc

3 Data Encryption Apps


Mobile App Security_Wickr Secure Messaging App


Ryan Mantzer, Co-Founder of Fueled, an app development shop headquartered in NYC and founded in 2009 is a fan of Wickr. “I use Wickr whenever I need to have a reliably secure, private conversation. I use it with clients when we need to discuss highly sensitive information. I also use it with friends when discussing anything that might be embarrassing if it was ever made public.”




James Donaldson of CopperHead gives his insight into Signal, the original encryption messenger., and SaltIM, a secure encryption app for enterprise systems.

Signal_Open Whisper System“Messaging applications all vary in terms of application usage. The premier encrypted messaging application that really set the stage for all other applications is Open Whisper System’s Signal. Combining the best security practices like Perfect Forward Secrecy and End to End Encryption means users will have nothing to worry about when sending encrypted messages. The best part about Signal is that it requires absolutely 0 technical aptitude to use on any device, creating a low barrier to entry for users (and it’s free!) Signal is available on all platforms and available on CopperheadOS as Noise.” – James Donaldson, CEO, Copperhead




SaltIM by SaltDNA_Secure Messaging App “In terms of enterprise offerings, SaltDNA’s SaltIM provides a robust solution for IT departments looking to control the outflow of information. SaltIM utilizes the same under-the-hood technology as Signal so you know you’re getting a solid encrypted offering. SaltIM has all the clippings needed by an IT department with high usage requirements – compartmentalization, administration console and quick deployment installations. SaltIM is available on desktops and mobile and offered through CopperheadOS as a partner package.”

– James Donaldson, CEO, Copperhead


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