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How Does Secure Digital Publishing Help Your Organization

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How Does Secure Digital Publishing Help Your Organization


In today’s fast paced and closely knit digital world, where morality has lost its relevance and when success is all about making money, no matter how it comes, data theft has become a realty which you and your organization cannot afford to ignore. No matter what your nature of business, digital readers not just in the United States, where one-third of all the adults own a tablet, but all across the world are waiting with their devices to consume the information that you share.

Digital revolution has changed the way businesses are conducted these days, making it easier and convenient for the companies to interact with their customers, prospective clients and workforce. Communicating, both within and outside the organization entails sharing of vital company information on the internet. And, as organizations shift to digital publishing, in order to cater to their clientele, content security assumes even greater significance due to the impending danger of data breaches, leaks and online hacking. Hence, secure digital content is the need of the hour, as it helps protect your crucial company info, giving you the leeway to carry out daily operations without the risk of theft.

Benefits of digital publishing

Digital publishing plays a very important role in the growth and development of an organization, it improves customer experience, reduces printing and distribution costs, brings down overhead expenses and boosts efficiency. But still many companies are not ready to digitize their information, and the reason is the perceived security threat.

After sharing a rich media file or a PDF with either your business contact, client or workforce, how would you ensure that these document/s don’t reach people having malicious intentions? How can you secure your intellectual property and proprietary data? Contact eServe for their digital encryption platform and protect all your digital content against forwarding and sharing, without impeding your rich media files. With content security in place, you can concentrate on the growth of your organization, whole-heartedly.

Some other ways in which digital publishing can augment and protect your business are:

  • Secure your training materials- During induction programs or when an employee joins your organizations there are several documents and at times videos, which you have to share as part of the routine training protocol. This could either be in the form of DVDs or digital documents, but in both the cases secure digital publishing ensures that the training material and hence your company secrets and policies remain safe.
  • Product datasheet- It is essential for the prospective clients to know what they are being offered, it is their right, but you would be concerned if the information is misused. With digital datasheet, clients are not able to pass on the information to your competition, they also cannot alter or steal it.
  • Quarterly earnings report- You are heavily dependent on this report in order to chalk out the future course of your company. Share it with your management without the fear of a leak as secure digital publishing allows you to terminate the report whenever the need arises.
  • Secure your proposals- Many a times you need to share proposals with prospective buyers, which again is a sensitive document as it gives away the methods that your company adopts. Secure digital content ensures your data can not be misused.

With eServe’s content encryption solution you can secure all your important documents, videos and other rich media and safely take your organization to greater heights. Anybody in the business of delivering information like training organizations, traditional publishers and/or those delivering marketing material should embrace digital publishing at the earliest.

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