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Why are Cloud Services Essential for Your Business?

Cloud Services Essential
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As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have temporarily or permanently suspended operations at their physical location and transitioned to working remotely. While remote work has been a growing trend over the past several years, necessity has made the transition sudden and widespread. Now more than ever, ensuring your employees have easy, secure access to company data so they can perform their duties off-site without missing a beat is essential.

However, you also need to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. To make that happen, you need a secure content delivery platform. Let us, therefore, look at why are cloud services essential for your business – the sudden rush to remote working, advantages of a cloud data management system for remote workers, and how to keep your data secure with your remote workforce.

The sudden rush to remote working

The dramatic increase in companies shifting their workforce from on-site to at-home due to the pandemic has forced businesses to adopt cloud computing, especially work-from-home software. Although this trend had been steadily growing over the past several years, COVID-19 has accelerated it.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of businesses still depend on computers and software that sit in physical offices. Since many offices are closed, it is difficult to access these systems. The only way to continue operations uninterrupted and efficiently is if you have cloud options available.

That is the reason there has been an upsurge of business adapting such solutions as Amazon WorkSpaces. These solutions allow you to store data and software in the cloud, which people can access from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud computing unit of Amazon, Amazon Web Services, has of late received numerous inquiries due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Another company, BeeToBit, has also helped set up work-from-home operations for 250 employees in Italy. BeeToBit also partners with Amazon. Its managing director, Federico Caboni, who had to set up operations in a short timeframe, says since the customer was already testing Amazon WorkSpaces, it simplified his work; otherwise, it would have been a big challenge to operationalize the process so quickly. 

The business has also grown for TellDesk, which sells customer service software to companies that allow workers to take calls from their homes. Clients include a company in Seattle, for which it set up a work-from-home solution for 50 agents.

Advantages of a cloud data management system for remote workers

Cloud services offer many benefits to businesses of all sizes. But it is particularly more helpful for small businesses because storing digital data in the cloud means substantial cost savings and easy access. This is why many small businesses are now shifting to cloud services from the traditional method of relying on in-house servers for storing their data.

Here are some of the advantages of a cloud data management system for remote workers.

Easy and uninterrupted access to company data to remote workers – With many working from home, it is difficult to carry out day-to-day work without proper access to company data. But with cloud services in place, there is no need to worry about data access even for remote workers. Your employees can access the data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It helps remote workers access and share files efficiently – If you have offices in different physical locations, online data storage allows you to share files conveniently and efficiently. It is far more convenient than email. 

It makes data sharing easy – Online cloud storage allows you to conveniently share your files with your employees and select customers.

Keeping data secure with your remote work force

Data security is a crucial aspect that should concern every business, regardless of its size. When we talk of remote working, keeping data secure with your workforce should be the main priority.

Increased security is one of the main reasons cloud services are gaining popularity. In comparison to on-site servers, cloud storage is much more secure. Online cloud storage protects your data from all forms of natural disasters. From a stolen device to physical damage of on-site servers, you don’t need to worry about your data if you store it in the cloud.

It also is more difficult for hackers to access cloud technology. That is why Gartner, an IT service management company, expects cloud storage to be one of the best options for small business data security. Cloud storage can protect your data better from the onslaught of phishing, ransomware and other unscrupulous activities that have become so rampant.

However, when it comes to delivering your proprietary content to your remote workers, it is crucial to use a secure content delivery platform like the one offered by eServe. Whether it is your e-learning content or high-tech manufacturing trade secrets, eServe’s cloud content delivery platform can help protect your data so that there is no risk of revenue loss. It provides you the security you need to keep your data safe.

You can safely share your data with your remote workers because you don’t need to worry about security. You can safely share documents, videos, and other content with all your team members without the risk of unauthorized access.

From international piracy to accidental employee negligence, eServe can keep your data protected from outside threats. It not only provides secure content storage, but it also offers real-time analytics that helps you know how, when, and where people engage with your content. To provide a higher level of security, we encrypt your content between the application and the operating system.

As companies and employees adjust to working at home instead of on-site, remote working may very well be adapted permanently. Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading solution so that you and your remote employees can collaborate freely on the work front.


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